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Boston Cab Association

Lost Property :
You would be amazed at the amount of property people leave in cabs. Not a day goes by that everyone who answers our phones gets at least one person (that's per employee!!!) who says they left their cell phone in a cab.
Though no actual count is ever done, a polling of our employees resulted in a conservative guess that over 3,500 phones are left in our cabs.
And sunglasses. And passports. And laptops, tablets, luggage, groceries, dry cleaning, wallets, purses, countless sets of house keys (Lost keys came in 2nd), musical instruments and even pets now and then. If all the things people leave in cabs where kept in the cab,within months there would be no room for passengers!
Before you leave, check your belongings.... PLEASE!
Where Your Lost Property Goes
By law, any property left in a Boston Licensed Taxicab MUST be turned in by the driver at Boston Police headquarters to be turned over to the Hackney Division Lost & Found. Cab companies are forbidden, by strict regulation, to hold any property of any kind left in our cabs.