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Boston Cab Charge Application
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By completing this form and clicking Submit below, it is understood, when a voucher book is issued, this book remains the property of Boston Cab Dispatch, Inc. and may be revoked at any time. Upon revocation, all voucher books in your possession shall be surrendered to said Company on demand.

If your minimum charge is below $25.00 per month, you will be charged a $5.00 Service Charge. NO BALANCE, NO ACTIVITY accounts will not bear a Service Charge. Accounts 30 Days PAST DUE will be charged 1 1/2% interest each month on the unpaid balance.

STATEMENTS ARE PAYABLE ON RECEIPT. The recipient to whom this charge book is issued hereby assumes all responsibility for payment of the charge vouchers whether lost or stolen. On Company accounts, the owner(s) will be personally liable for any voucher charges incurred.

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